Upcycling about giving old stuff a new life.
Instead of tossing things out, you find
creative ways to transform them into
something fresh and useful.
It’s like recycling, but with a twist.

heads up

Fast fashion, my fashion-forward friends, is wreaking havoc on our
beloved planet. It’s all about those trendy, dirt-cheap clothes that are
here today, gone tomorrow. But let me spill the tea on the hidden costs.
Brace yourselves.

This fast fashion frenzy is gobbling up resources like there’s no
tomorrow. It’s thirsty for water, using it to grow cotton, dye fabrics, and
make clothes. And the energy it consumes is mind-blowing, from
factories churning out clothes at lightning speed to shipping them
across the globe. Talk about environmental impact!

But wait, there’s more! Fast fashion loves the “wear it once, toss it aside”
game. It’s leaving heaps of textile waste in landfills, where synthetic
fibers take ages to decompose and release harmful pollutants. Not cool,

Now, let’s talk about the workers. Those cheap prices come at a cost
to them. Fast fashion brands often exploit workers in countries with
loose regulations and low wages. It’s an unfair cycle of exploitation
that’s far from glamorous.

But fear not, my eco-warrior friends! We can change this narrative.
Seek out sustainable brands, choose quality over quantity, and rock
timeless pieces. Recycling is our secret weapon—donate or upcycle
your unwanted clothes. Governments and fashion bigwigs need to
step up too, setting policies and investing in recycling. Together, we
can create a kinder fashion industry for the planet and its workers.

So, strut your stuff with style and a conscious mind. Embrace
sustainable fashion, recycle like it’s going out of style, and show the
world that saving the Earth is always in fashion. Let’s rock the
fashion revolution, one fabulous outfit at a time!

our story

The ASD Design Club is full of young designers with a strong passion for design. ASD curriculum is especially stem
focused, so our club is dedicated to providing an outlet for students with this passion. The Upcycled Fashion Show
showcases creativity, sustainability, and style. Our talented student designers have meticulously transformed
discarded fabrics, old clothing, and repurposed materials into fashion masterpieces. From chic dresses to trendy
jackets, each piece embodies the spirit of innovation and the youth’s commitment to promoting a greener future. The
Upcycled Fashion Show aims to encourage sustainability and individuals to adopt environmentally friendly practices
while raising awareness. Moreover, we hosted a clothing drive to not only collect unwanted clothing from our
community but the upcycled garments we created. All proceeds from the drive and fashion show will be donated to
The Nashua Children’s Home, making a positive impact in our community.

have an idea?

We’re on a mission to celebrate the brilliance of sustainable design and the artistry of repurposing. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a passionate creator, your unique upcycled fashion ideas are welcome here.